Wednesday, April 13, 2011

30 day challenge: Day 2....What is in a blog name???

The possiblities were endless when thinking of a blog name. My blog name had to be our family in a nutshell. 

Us, divas??? NO WAY.....okay, maybe just a little...Diva can mean so many things but to me it means spoiled and confident. 

My girls are divas because we reward them often....however, we do make sure that it is earned first and foremost. Good grades and manners get you far in this house. We always make sure to let the girls know how fortunate they are and never take advantage of it. Sometimes those little moments of entitlement come out and we have to remind them that nothing should ever be expected. Taylor brings her diva'tude to the dance floor each and everytime she dances. Hayleigh probably has the biggest diva'tude in this house! Because she can't speak verbally she says so much through her actions and she doesn't take NO for an answer.

I must admit I am in a diva in the respect that Jason spoils me. Because he works hard so that I can stay home and be available to the kids whenever they need me. He always allows us to shine and proudly takes a backseat. Most of the time he has a hard time telling us No, and when he does we know there is a reason behind it.  My attitude has always been that of independence...I'm stubborn and like things my way. With that said, I am always the first person to offer help when someone is in need. 

So a diva may have a negative connotation to some but for me it means my girls and I have a pretty good life. So bring on the Diva'tude!

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  1. haha i love it. i don't think the girls are spoiled by any means, but they are divas! i like your definition of diva though. it makes sense!


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