Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Organizing and Storing Ribbons

There are so many different ways to store ribbons and organize them. I find it is best to do it whichever way is easiest and most efficient for you. I am not a super fan of micro-organizing...frankly, I don't have that kinda time or patience. As long as my ribbons are in the same area and not unraveling everywhere, I am happy! When I was shopping at Home Goods one day I came across this zebra print box. This box is originally used to organize things in your drawer.  A few days earlier I purchased some ribbon cards to wrap the ribbons around. The ribbons are held down with a glue dot on the end to keep them from  unraveling. Because I am such a shopaholic I will have to purchase another box soon because I keep adding more ribbons! LOL. Sshhhhh...don't tell the hubby :)

Here is a link to where I purchased the ribbon cards: http://www.cropperhopper.com/3x3ribboncard.aspx

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