Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's all about the turquoise

Sometimes you find the best inspirations in places you least expect! I found this turquoise picnic utensil organizer at hobby lobby in the new spring section! I was looking orinally looking for some sort of desk top organizer to hold my pens, scissors etc. When I saw the utensil organizer I instantly loved the color and the fact that it had divided sections in it. So today I decided to decorate it in true Arlene fashion. Here is how it came out. I am super happy about it because it is cute and functional! Can't beat putting this whole thing together for less than $6.00

 What's the oddest place you have found inspiration?


  1. Love your turquoise organizer. I love it when you can be repurpose.
    That is a favorite color of mine.
    Thanks for the follow, I am following you.Love the name of your blog.
    I look forward to our visits.

  2. I love it! Great job! Oddest inspiration? First thing that comes to mind is browsing in the bathroom section of Burlington Coat Factory and using a shower curtain as living room curtains. lol

  3. I do love my turquoise. Most of the things I make are for my craft room so I tend to gravitate towards the same colors. LOL.

    How funny that you used a shower curtain for a living room curtain because my mom has done that also! Great minds think alike.

  4. pretty organizer!Thank you for your bloggy friendship and for participating in the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky Party xo


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