Monday, March 10, 2014

Time for a change...

Moving into a bigger home was something we have wanted for awhile but unfortunately it just wasn't in the cards. Jason and I both agreed that we wouldn't move until we could get the home we truly wanted and could afford. Our current living situation isn't a bad one but this was always understood to be our "starter home".  Another reason we wanted to move was to relocate the kids to a better school... a more well rounded school.  We had a specific school in mind which allowed us only a handful of neighborhoods to choose from to find a home. For a couple of weeks we drove around the neighborhoods and took note of what each builder had to offer. Jason sent me into the model homes to narrow down which ones I liked  while he was at work (meaning I did the dirty work and he just came in for the final decision LOL). The two builders it came down to was: Ashton Woods or Lennar. When Jason finally came in to pick between the two, he said without hesitation the liked the Lennar Edmonton floor plan. This home was PERFECT for our family. One of the major deciding factors for us was that there are 2 bedrooms downstairs (the master and a second bedroom). Since our special needs child needs to remain downstairs for safety reasons this second bedroom option was totally what she needed. The third bedroom was upstairs separated from the rest of us which would allow our other daughter to have her own privacy. Here is the floorplan and model that ultimately helped us make our decision.

We also purchased the optional media room (which takes the place of the unfinished attic section) which then increased the total house size to 3100 sq ft. The floorplan is amazing and totally practical for our family.  This when we called in our friend/realtor Tara Hall with Remax and told her that we were ready to get this show on the road and start building. Let the excitment begin~

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